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Noah’s Superhero Party

My son turned 3 last weekend! He asked for a superhero party this year and as a closet superhero fan I was more than a little excited 🙂 Here is a peek at our little party (before my kids turn 5 we just do a family party at home and after 5 they start inviting friends) it was lots of fun.
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Lemonade Stand

Last weekend we had a garage sale after some spring cleaning and decluttering at our house. We did a Friday through Saturday sale. My girls loved helping sort out old clothes that no longer fit and were eager to help with the family sale. So when Katie asked to have a lemonade stand I said yes! Continue reading “Lemonade Stand”

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Washi Tape Clothespins

Washi tape, have you seen this cute decorative tape? It is sold in most craft stores and is in many different sizes, colors and patterns. I love it, but it can also be pricey for a small roll. About a month or two ago I found some in a clearance bin for really cheap and ended up bringing four rolls home for a dollar! I have been using it on tiny projects and am in love with this pretty little tape. Continue reading “Washi Tape Clothespins”

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Pool Noodle Horses

My oldest loves horses. Horses make her beyond happy and she talks about them, draws them, watches shows about them, plays with toy horses, wants to learn all about horses, pretends to be a horse, looks at pictures of them, and says she wants to work with horses when she grows up. This has gone on for about two years now (of her five years of life that’s a lot). So any craft momma comes up with involving horses is a winner for my daughter 🙂 Continue reading “Pool Noodle Horses”

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! Today we all honor our mothers. Some who are near and will spend time with them today. Some far away to whom cards/gifts are sent to and phone calls made. Some that have already left us and are deeply cherished in memory because of the love and legacy they left. Some who are adopted moms giving love to others as if they were their own children.

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