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DIY Toddler Hair Cutting Tips

When I was in college I learned to cut hair. It was more of a money saving skill so I could give my brother free hair cuts. Then I gave them to my friends and boyfriend (now husband). I learned to do it on my own, I eventually learned layers, highlighting and dying as well. I’ve been cutting my husband’s hair for 11 years now. So when I had a son and he needed his first hair cut I got out the clippers thinking, “this will be simple.” Boy oh boy was I ever wrong! If you haven’t ever done it giving a toddler a hair cut can be tough. He squirms, yells when I get near his ears and cries over the itchy hair… Continue reading “DIY Toddler Hair Cutting Tips”


White, Black and Red

I did a cake for a vow renewal service this weekend for some friends from church. They are having a rockabilly themed reception afterwards and wanted a white, black and red cake. So I came up with a three tiered cake and cake balls to match. Continue reading “White, Black and Red”


Double Cheese Burger and Fries… Cake!

I have a friend whose daughter challenges me more each year to make an awesome fun cake for her birthday. Well this year she turned 13 and wanted cake shaped like 3D food. Knowing this teen girl as I do, she loves food and I wanted to make something great for her. So here it is Continue reading “Double Cheese Burger and Fries… Cake!”

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Chocolate Cookies Foot Scrub

Everyone deserves a little pampering every now and then. I love making homemade scrubs and I just made one this week that works great and smells wonderful! I called it chocolate cookie foot scrub because I used ingredients that made it smell just like chocolate cookies 🙂 Continue reading “Chocolate Cookies Foot Scrub”


Fresh Bread

Hello, my name is Johanna and I love bread. Yep, bread is my #2 weakness when it comes to food. Chocolate of course being my #1 🙂 Not much makes my mouth water and tummy growl like the smell of freshly baked bread. I love the way it makes my house smell like a bakery and the sweet yeasty taste. I even told my running partner/amazing friend that I should get a running shirt that says, “I run because I love carbs.” All this just so you know, because I love bread so much I’m not just giving you any old bread recipe… no this is my favorite bread recipe that I make almost weekly! Yep, there are not words good enough for how scrumptious and easy this bread is. Continue reading “Fresh Bread”

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Shape Recognition

I am always looking for ways to teach and occupy my two year old while I homeschool my older two girls. My focus with him lately has been recognizing shapes and colors. I have some flash cards with shapes and colors and he does really well with them. So I decided to try something new and it was a big hit with my little guy!

Continue reading “Shape Recognition”