“Ho Ho Ho… I think he just threw up!” – Santa

crazy santa picture 🙂 But I love it!

Well the holiday craziness has finally slowed down enough for me to stop and blog a little. We had an amazing December and so many fun, crazy and wonderful things happened!
The first of which I will tell you about is our hilarious trip to see Santa Claus… We loaded the kiddos the Thursday before our Friday open house to take a break from cooking and cleaning and go visit Santa. The goal, make memories with our three little ones. We picked Katie up from her last day of Preschool for the year and she had just finished her preschool christmas party and got into the car with a very loud horn/noisemaker. This began a series of lots of noise and a crying jealous Bella. Then we ran by the house to pick up our dress clothes to put on once we got to Santa for a decent picture. After finally arriving in Tulsa… Quick explanation as to why we go all the way to Tulsa for Santa. In Utica Square Santa has his own little house and each family can go in one family at a time and sit with Santa and Mrs. Claus in his little living room by his Christmas tree. Then the family gets to use their own camera or Mrs. Claus uses hers to get a few pictures and she prints them off right then and frames it in a Utica Square 2010 frame. Next Mrs. Clause gives each child homemade warm cookies…. This whole experience and the picture and frame for only 5 dollars a family! Its very sweet and magical and my favorite, CHEAP! Ok back to our trip. We arrive and I’m on the phone with mom and Eric is anxious to get the kids to Santa so he gets in the back to start changing their clothes while I finish up on the phone. Well when he starts changing Noah he realizes he had his biggest blow out poopy diaper to date 😦 let’s just say all his clothes were covered, the carseat, Eric, the car, and eventually I was even covered before it was all said and done. Finally dressed up nicely and cleaned up too we made our way to Santa’s cute little house. We got just inside the door and Bella (our 2 year old) lost it. She started screaming out of sheer terror and shaking, begging to leave. I finally got her to sit on my lap on a stool next to Santa and Katie sat on Eric’s lap on a stool on the other side of Santa. Noah sat on Santa’s lap. Just as Mrs. Claus snapped a picture, I heard Santa say, “HO HO HO! I think he just threw up!” Yes, Noah threw up (not spit up) all over his cute little suit, and Santa. Sooooo…. Mrs. Claus snapped a second picture and it was a bit worse. Bella just wanted to leave and poor Mrs. Claus was so flustered by the crying girl and the throw up covered baby/Santa she kept printing the wrong picture. Finally she printed the correct one and gave the girls cookies so we could leave. But Katie just kept asking Santa for a “walker”…. Yes Santa thought asking for old people equipment was strange :/ So we rushed them out thanking them and apologizing and laughing. Our photo is framed and memorable, Bella’s face is purple and she is crying and Noah has throw up all over his chin and suit and Katie just looks like she is embarrassed…

Will try to scan and post picture as soon as I can!

I also plan on posting a blog each about my homemade gifts this year now that it wouldn’t ruin the surprise for the recipients. So be watching for those 🙂


Yes Katie, we are all just ducks in a toilet…

Today I found myself turning on Christmas cartoon specials and rushing around cleaning, cooking, Christmas card making, and generally stressing about our yearly open house.  Katie yelled, “POTTY!” and I yelled back, “just go and let me know when you’re done!”  So I continued rushing around forgetting I had sent her up to the bathroom. I finally recognized the lower volume brought about by one less child and went to check on her. When I got there I saw what was taking her so long, she was happily floating some rubber ducks in the toilet. I tried to contain my frustration with this non-productive detour in my well planned day. So I calmly asked, “honey, what are you doing?”  My sweet three year old grinned and said, “look mommy its me, you and dadda.”  My heart was instantly convicted and this small person’s point of view has been on my mind all day.
We live in such a fallen world its much like a toilet bowl and unfortunately we are floating in it. Thank goodness Christ came to save all of us “ducks” from the “toilet”.  Oddly enough this made me remember the reason for the season and quit everything I was planning for the day and teach my children about what we are celebrating and snuggled them.  I totally relaxed in the knowledge of my saviour’s love and sacrifice and shared that love with my family.
The house is a wreck, the cards aren’t done, nothing is baked…. but I feel blessed and refreshed. Bring it on December!