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State Wall Project

Today I want to share with you a project I’ve been working on for our new home! I’m so excited about this fun wall project because it is near and dear to my heart. Our little family of 5 consists of people all born in different states. Sounds strange to some I know but I’m sure there are others out there too. I love this interesting little fact about our family. It is part of our story, and our story is one of my favorite things! I love seeing how God has knit our little family together in His perfect way in His perfect timing. Continue reading “State Wall Project”

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No Grate Powdered Laundry Soap

Hello again friends! It’s been a long summer of travel with teens to conventions, camps and more. It has been a blast but I am so ready for fall now! I love the schedule that school brings, being home with my 3 kiddos is my dream come true. Our homeschool begins this Monday so I’ve spent the last week prepping our school room and home for the up coming year. 

Part of this prep was making our laundry soap for the next 6 months. We were running pretty low and it needed to be done. I can’t complain since I only have to do it twice a year! Plus it is really fun, only takes about 20 minutes, and best part… saves us around $120 a year in other store bought laundry soap! 

First of all let me tell you about my many fails at DIY laundry soap! My original attempt was to make the liquid kind where you grate the soap and then boil it with water into a liquid soap (with other stuff too). Well I put in the hours and made a ton of it. We used it for a year. After about 6 months I could see a change in our clothing. Not a good change… our clothes were dingy, losing color and wearing out at an accelerated rate. I thought it was my imagination, but after a year there was no denying it was ruining our clothes. Since it was an attempt to save our family money this was an unacceptable result. We never made it again.

A year or so later I came across a new recipe for a powdered laundry detergent that didn’t ruin clothes. I gave it a try. Just making this DIY laundry powder was a workout! The grating alone reminded me of why I didn’t enjoy this process at all. Still I made it and it worked great! 6 months no change in our clothing’s appearance or integrity of the fabric. Wonderful news until I needed to make a new batch… ugh the grating again. I will admit I bought a jug of Tide to “tide us over” until I felt like spending an hour grating soap again. 

Then I found this (cue angels singing in my head):

WHAT?!?! No more grating?!?! SOLD!!! I’ve been using this almost a year now and clothes are doing great, we are saving money, and absolutely no grating! Just mix it all up 🙂 


1 Box Borax 

1 box Arm and Hammer Laundry Booster

2 bottles Downey Unstopables (or a different scent booster you love)

2 boxes Zote Soap (pre-grated) 

2 small containers oxy-clean 

1 box baking soda 

Mix it all up and put it in a cute container (mine is a huge glass jar from Walmart for $7)! I use a trash bag to mix mine up 🙂 it’s hard to stir in the actual jar I use. Here it is all ready to go! I use a 1/2 cup scoop but usually only need to fill it halfway per load. If it’s my son’s t-ball clothes or we did something particularly messy I add a full scoop. 

Well that’s all for now, thanks for stopping by 🙂 


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Spring Wreath

We are in a bit of a cold snap this week in our area of Oklahoma. The first of the week was in the 80s and then yesterday we dropped to the 30s and even snow flurries! I don’t mind the changing weather, it is one of my favorite things about living where we do. Yet it does not feel very springy here right now. So I made a new spring wreath for the front door, then I made one for a friend also 🙂

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Sprucing Up for Spring

It is starting to feel more like spring! Warmer weather, gardening underway, and my kids and I are loving the extra time in the backyard! I have been freshening up some of our yard decor lately and wanted to share the results. I have some gnomes in my raised herb garden given to me by my gnome loving husband, they are on their third summer though and have seen better days. So I decided to repaint and relacquer them. Then I noticed our plain wooden bird house didn’t weather the winter well. Several pieces of wood had fallen off and the wood was dirty and yucky looking. So I used wood glue to repair it and then painted a fun spring color Continue reading “Sprucing Up for Spring”

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Extra Heavy Cream

We are getting ready to go on vacation to visit my husband’s family in Florida. There is excitement and anticipation aplenty around our house. Also many things to do before we leave. On top of laundry, packing, and cleaning we are also trying to eat up any perishable food we have. Sometimes there is no using up certain items before they expire.

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Simple DIY Body Wash

I have eczema, my three kids sadly inherited my eczema also. So itchy dry skin is a constant issue in our home, especially in the winter. I am always looking for products that will help ease the symptoms of our eczema. Especially soaps, I usually only buy body wash or soap that is for sensitive skin or extra moisturizing. This can be expensive! I am a (non-extreme) couponer, so sometimes it is cheaper to buy the moisturizing/sensitive bar instead of body wash. Yet my entire family prefers body wash over slippery bars which turn into little slivers that get wasted and thrown away. So I buy the bars when I can get them cheaper than body wash and use them to make our own body wash! Continue reading “Simple DIY Body Wash”

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DIY Febreeze NO Fabric Softener

I love febreeze, but it is a rather expensive product and I have seen many pins on Pinterest for making your own cheaper. The ones I have seen are made with liquid fabric softener, and for various reasons we do not use liquid fabric softener in our home. In an attempt to make my own febreeze cheaper and without liquid fabric softener I have come up with my own that I love and want to share with my great readers!

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Linen Storage Solutions

I have my linens stored in some big beautiful old wooden drawers set into the hall of our home. I love having them there but the old wooden drawers smell just that old and wooden. I go to great lengths to have my laundry smell fresh and clean. I even use an in-wash scent booster that makes my laundry smell great out of the dryer. I fold my sheets and then put them into the drawer for that size sheet, even just a week later I pull them out to put on the bed and they smell like a musty old wooden drawer. Not wanting to change where I store them I began trying to find a solution. I tried scrubbing out the drawers with cleaner, no change.

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