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Frozen Slime!

I have three children, 6, 6 and 4. Let me tell you how many times we have watched the Disney movie Frozen… nah, it’s too many to count. Like many parents of small children I know this movie better than I want to admit and can sing every song 🙂 So when I couldn’t take the kids outside yesterday due to rain we made Frozen Slime! Pretty much like normal slime but in dark blue, light blue and white. They loved it!

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Tractors and Flowers

Last weekend I had the privilege to make cakes for a wedding. I always feel honored to be asked to do cakes, but this one was extra special. The groom was in our youth group for a few years, graduated high school, went to college and then called my husband up last year asking him to perform his wedding. It meant a lot to my husband to officiate the wedding and a lot to me to make their wedding cake and groom’s cake. The family treats us like family and it was a beautiful union of a young man we’ve watched grow up and his lovely bride. I will share the cakes another day but today I am sharing another secret project I was working on. Three of the grandparents had birthdays near the wedding date, so to honor those grandparents at the rehearsal dinner the mother of the groom asked me to make some specialty cookies. Continue reading “Tractors and Flowers”