Moist Pumpkin Pie Cake

Needing to make a cake for my friend, I stumbled on to a yummy moist pumpkin pie cake recipe I’m in love with! So of course I’m sharing 🙂 Since her birthday is near Halloween I decided I wanted to make a pumpkin cake of some type. I used what I had on hand, only four ingredients!

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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

The chocolate chip cookie. Most mom’s I know have their favorite recipe for them and make them often and well. Not me 😦 I have literally attempted at least twenty different recipes and most of them taste so bad no one will eat them. They are either flat and hard, too cake-like and fluffy, falling apart, too salty, too gooey, too bland, too crunchy or just terrible all around. The seemingly simple chocolate chip cookie is my personal domestic kryptonite.

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DIY Super Hero Boots

This year our family decided to be a family of super heroes for Halloween. Our church has a great carnival each year and the kids get so excited to dress up for it. I have made their costumes each year (except one year when we made a cross country move the week before… that year grandma bought the girls monkey costumes) and I enjoy doing it. Continue reading “DIY Super Hero Boots”

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Pie Crust Chevron Cinnamon Sugar Sticks

When I was growing up my mom would always take any left over pie crust dough and bake it up with cinnamon and sugar for us kids. She cut them into kite shapes and called them cinnamon kites. Now each time I make a pie I always have left over pie crust dough so I use it for my own version of these yummy treats for the kids. You can find my pie crust recipe and tips here. I roll it out and use a wavy cutter to make chevron patterned sticks.

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Primary Colors Straw Art

This week with my art class I discussed the color wheel. Primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, achromatic, monochromatic, poly chromatic, analogous, warm colors, cool colors, complimentary colors and much more! It was so much fun to talk about basic color fundamentals with the kids. Don’t laugh at my color wheel, I know it’s not too great I did it the night before.

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Crispy Hash Browns From The Waffle Iron!

I am a southern girl from Tennessee, and I love hash browns! I love crispy hash browns even more! Which brings me to my favorite discovery this week… hash browns cooked in the waffle iron. I don’t like when the outsides are brown but they are mushy and wet tasting. So I tried the waffle iron and love the results, crispy all the way through and perfectly browned.

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Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkin Patch 2012

Last weekend we finally made it to the pumpkin patch with some friends and their little one. My kids had so much fun and we got some great fall pictures together. So this wordless Wednesday is devoted to our trip pictures! I hope you enjoy the peek into my sweet family’s trip to the pumpkin patch 🙂 Continue reading “Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkin Patch 2012”


Linen Storage Solutions

I have my linens stored in some big beautiful old wooden drawers set into the hall of our home. I love having them there but the old wooden drawers smell just that old and wooden. I go to great lengths to have my laundry smell fresh and clean. I even use an in-wash scent booster that makes my laundry smell great out of the dryer. I fold my sheets and then put them into the drawer for that size sheet, even just a week later I pull them out to put on the bed and they smell like a musty old wooden drawer. Not wanting to change where I store them I began trying to find a solution. I tried scrubbing out the drawers with cleaner, no change.

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