OK, I finally figured out this blog thing, I think 🙂   I’ve been encouraged by several friends and family to start a blog about my crazy but definitely blessed life.  So here it goes…

I want to use this as a way to journal my thoughts, reach out to other stay at home moms, encourage and be encouraged.  Some days life gets lonely as a stay at home mom of three 3 and under.  Sounds ridiculous I know but it does.  A lot of  times my only conversations are with toddlers or an exhausted husband.  Most days the only TV I see is Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Yo Gabba Gabba, Dora or Agent Oso.  My daily lunch time has become more feed kids, give Noah a bottle, clean kids, clean dining room, put kids to bed while I grab a cracker and pass out too.  I find myself answering the question, “how was your day?” with, descriptions of play dough creations, tutus, semi-disasters, getting the dishes done, which toy got broken and my least favorite bodily functions.

Now all that said, I wouldn’t change my life as a stay at home mom or my kids for ANYTHING!  I love the crazy mess I’ve been blessed with and I thank God everyday that he counted me worthy of such an amazing life.  The only thing I would add, would be the desire for more adult interaction.  You may judge me and think I’m being selfish but after the third child, I don’t care if you disagree with me.  I give every waking (sometimes every non-waking too) moment to my husband and children.  I love them to death and would gladly do it until I die, but I’ve come to the conclusion I’d be a better wife/mom if I could figure out how to take a few minutes here and there to recharge.

Even though its the holidays I’m on a mission to do just that, find some time I can be with adults or myself.  I’m always looking for ways I can improve myself and this is the one I’m commiting to work on for now.  I’m open to any ideas on how I could work on this, I love advice!