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Oreo Cookie Cake

I found a recipe for an Oreo cookie cake on Pinterest that looked amazing! I started reading the recipe because I showed it to my mother-in-law and she said I should make it. She is watching my kiddos tonight so my boyfriend (husband) and I can go out on a date. So I decided it was the perfect chance to make it as a thank you. I changed the recipe some to make it easier to make. A here it is changed and just as tasty 🙂

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Footprints for Grandma’s Garden

We are enjoying our Florida vacation, mostly on the beach. I wanted to have the kids help me make something special to thank their Grandma for all she has done for us to make our trip special. So on our trip to the beach yesterday we made some footprint stones for her backyard, so she can remember the kids running through her yard. Continue reading “Footprints for Grandma’s Garden”


Traveling is never dull with the Spauldings

This last Christmas our family got a really awesome gift of plane tickets to Florida from my inlaws. My husband’s parents and little sister live on the gulf and everyone counted down until February when we were to use those tickets! The day we left was so full of anticipation and craziness. I’m taking some time to stop and write it all down 1. Before I forget it (yes I have terrible mommy brain and must journal anything I don’t want to forget) 2. So I can “look back and laugh” maybe not today but later…

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Extra Heavy Cream

We are getting ready to go on vacation to visit my husband’s family in Florida. There is excitement and anticipation aplenty around our house. Also many things to do before we leave. On top of laundry, packing, and cleaning we are also trying to eat up any perishable food we have. Sometimes there is no using up certain items before they expire.

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Rainbow Snow Cream

We got beautiful snow today in Oklahoma! We woke up to it coming down and it still is going steady. I have such happy kids and a very happy husband (he is from New York and LOVES snow). We went out in it for a little while today and lots of giggle and laughs later came inside to warm back up. This morning I put out a plastic bowl and let it catch snow all morning, for… Continue reading “Rainbow Snow Cream”

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How to Make Powdered Sugar

Have you ever gone to the pantry looking for powdered sugar while baking and you were out? OK, so as a cake baker it probably does happen to me a bit more often than other people but it happens! Ever wonder if there was a substitute for powdered sugar or a way to make some yourself? Well… today I’m going to show you how to make it at home! With only one ingredient!

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Heaven

I have an amazing friend who just finished her Master’s degree and has her graduation ceremony today. I wanted to do something nice for her as a congratulations and she loves chocolate and peanut butter. In fact, I’m to blame for her recent addiction to Reese’s hearts over the valentine season. So I decided on my quick peanut butter pie that any chocolate peanut butter lover would enjoy.

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