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Gingerbread Nativity Party

Yesterday I hosted my annual gingerbread building party! This year we were able to do gingerbread nativity scenes 🙂 I have an awesome friend who gave me a gingerbread nativity kit last year for Christmas. I have been waiting all year to use it with my small group girls for our annual party and it was so much fun.

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Homemade Gift Tags

Today is my birthday so I wanted to share a fun craft my girls and I are doing together. I have been getting ready for Christmas here lately. Making gifts, getting out decorations and crafting of course! I made some easy but cute little gift tags for this year that I’m sharing today.

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Simple DIY Body Wash

I have eczema, my three kids sadly inherited my eczema also. So itchy dry skin is a constant issue in our home, especially in the winter. I am always looking for products that will help ease the symptoms of our eczema. Especially soaps, I usually only buy body wash or soap that is for sensitive skin or extra moisturizing. This can be expensive! I am a (non-extreme) couponer, so sometimes it is cheaper to buy the moisturizing/sensitive bar instead of body wash. Yet my entire family prefers body wash over slippery bars which turn into little slivers that get wasted and thrown away. So I buy the bars when I can get them cheaper than body wash and use them to make our own body wash! Continue reading “Simple DIY Body Wash”

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DIY Febreeze NO Fabric Softener

I love febreeze, but it is a rather expensive product and I have seen many pins on Pinterest for making your own cheaper. The ones I have seen are made with liquid fabric softener, and for various reasons we do not use liquid fabric softener in our home. In an attempt to make my own febreeze cheaper and without liquid fabric softener I have come up with my own that I love and want to share with my great readers!

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Wall Nativity Templates

As promised, I finally got my templates for the felt wall nativity finished. With a lot of help from my hubby I now have them uploaded for all my readers who have been begging for them! Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I hope the templates help 🙂

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Black Friday Wall Nativity Contest!

*giveaway ended!

I have had many comments and requests about my wall nativity! I’m making a few for friends and am working on a pattern to be up on my site hopefully by Thanksgiving for my readers 🙂 So until then I’m doing my first contest to try and help improve my e-mail followers list and gain a wider audience.

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Salted Caramel Apple Cider… In The Crockpot!

Apple cider in the crockpot just fills my home with yummy fall smells. I wanted to put a spin on my crockpot apple cider which is already super simple and tasty, so I added my salted caramel sauce! Liquid caramel apple heaven 🙂

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Alphabet Soup Bath

I am always trying to find new ways to make learning fun and exciting for my kiddos. One night after dinner there was a lot of whining about needing to take a bath. So I announced, “I’m going to let you take a bath in alphabet soup!” My children’s attitudes completely changed and they were very exited and begging for bath time.

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