Rice Krispies

Hey friends! Do you have that one cereal that when you eat it takes you right back to childhood? Well anytime I have a big bowl of Rice Krispies Cereal I remember Saturday morning cartoons and footie jammies with my little brother. Good memories can come from the simplest things in life! I would like to share with you a recipe today that my kids and I like to make with Rice Krispies. Continue reading “Rice Krispies”


Ivory Wedding Cake and OSU Gnome Groom’s Cake

This week I had an ivory wedding cake to do and a really fun OSU gnome cake to do. I love the simple wedding cake the bride chose, a spice cake with ivory cream cheese icing and they will be adding flowers at the reception site. I’ve heard they are fall colors, I think that will be lovely. The groom’s cake was a lot of fun, it is a butter cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. It also has poured dark chocolate ganache and chocolate covered strawberries in OSU colors. The gnome the bride chose as a topper is adorable and I love the final cake! Here are some pics Continue reading “Ivory Wedding Cake and OSU Gnome Groom’s Cake”