Pumpkin Fun

Besides carving a pumpkin there are many ways to have pumpkin fun this fall! What about after Halloween is over and you have that jack-o-lantern, you know the one on the front porch whose smile is getting slightly droopy and moldy? Trust me, there is much more fun to be had with old Jack. Here are just a few ideas but feel free to leave comments with more! My kids and I are always looking for fun new ideas.

  1. Puking pumpkins! Just fill a small cup with baking soda and a few drops of food coloring and set it down inside your pumpkin. Pour vinegar into the cup and voila! Puking pumpkins that will have the kids giggling.


  1. Pumpkin DNA can be harvested! This one was especially interesting to my older children. My second born loves science so she loves doing experiments. We found the exact directions at the Helix blog.


  1. Creepy color smoking pumpkins!


Click on the picture of the color smoke bombs for a link to find the colored smoke bombs to use for photography or just fun! These were the least pricey ones I’ve found (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases). My kids thought they were great!


Enjoy the pumpkin fun this year friends!


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