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My Chocolate Earthquake Cookies :)

Well I decided to post the only cookie recipe I can actually claim as “mine”.  Oh and they are an amazing chocolate fix if you ever need one 🙂 Chocolate Earthquake Cookies!     These cookies are pretty easy to make and they have a sweet powdered sugar-coating that gives them a pretty cracked look.  … Continue reading

Valentine’s Decor Kissing ball craft

This is a tutorial of sorts on a kissing ball I’ve made to increase my Valentine’s Day decor which will be brought out soon! I’m excited to share this because I’ve really enjoyed making it and was inspired by other crafty bloggers who have made similar kissing balls or wreaths made of crepe paper roses. … Continue reading

adventures of Noah…. (insert the sound of a barking seal here)… with croup

Well, after 3 1/2 years of motherhood I heard a sound on Thursday night I’ve never heard before while lying in bed.  It was so strange and scary when I realized that it was coming from my 7 month old son’s crib.  It sounded like a seal barking over and over.  I went and got … Continue reading

Christmas Homemade gifts: Child’s apron

As promised I am posting about some of the homemade gifts I made this year for family and friends.  Today I am writing about the aprons I made for my girls who absolutely love cooking with me now.  I first saw some adorable ones in a specialty store for over 20 dollars each, well I … Continue reading

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