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Cowgirl/Horse Birthday Party For Katie

Last Friday night we had Katie’s cowgirl/horse party, it was a hit with my sweet 5-year-old birthday girl!Β It was pink, brown and white everything since my little girl is not only a horse lover she is by far a girly girl also. I really enjoyed planning and making everything for this party because she was more involved this year since she is getting older and more opinionated. Continue reading “Cowgirl/Horse Birthday Party For Katie”

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Chocolate Fondant?! Yes, Please!

So I have been making homemade fondant for five years now. I love using it and the things I can do with it on cakes. I have heard of chocolate fondant and thought, “yum”, but just the idea of trying to make it scared me for some reason. It sounded too gourmet maybe, or why add difficulty to something I’m pretty good at? Continue reading “Chocolate Fondant?! Yes, Please!”


Simple Homemade Alfredo Sauce

I love Italian food! It is my major weakness… especially fettuccine alfredo. It’s hard to resist that pasta smothered with creamy cheesy garlicky goodness. Most recipes are fairly complicated and long for homemade alfredo sauce. So I made it at home rarely, if ever. Then I made up my own recipe that was quick and easy, yet really yummy too. Continue reading “Simple Homemade Alfredo Sauce”

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Birthday Cinnamon Rolls!

Today is our sweet Katherine Elizabeth’s birthday! She is five, I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. Katie has brought so much hope and joy to my life in many ways. Even though her party isn’t until Friday I wanted to do things all day to how her how special she is on her 5th birthday. This morning she requested mommy’s homemade cinnamon rolls. So I put a birthday twist on my usual cinnamon rolls.

Continue reading “Birthday Cinnamon Rolls!”


Spa Water At Home!

This year since about mid March I’ve been focused on getting healthier. I work out around 5 days a week usually in the morning or at night or both since my days are full with three kids four and under! I have been trying to eat healthier, drink more water, and take vitamins more regularly also. One thing I struggle with is chronic dehydration, I have a hard time getting myself to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Unfortunately, I love soda pop. To combat my love of flavorful drinks, yet get in more water, I began making fresh fruit infused water at home. I get more flavor than plain water, with all the benefits of the fresh fruit also, and i am much more willing to drink those 8 glasses a day… win, win, win! Continue reading “Spa Water At Home!”


S’more Brownies Please!

Last night the girls were begging for something chocolatey to eat after dinner. They suggested cake, ice cream, or cookies. So while making dinner I thought about what to make. We had fried chicken, noodles, corn, roasted potatoes, rolls and cranberry sauce for dinner. I decided brownies sounded yummy, but when I checked the pantry I had no mix. But I did have a chocolate cake mix…

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