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Sprucing Up for Spring

It is starting to feel more like spring! Warmer weather, gardening underway, and my kids and I are loving the extra time in the backyard! I have been freshening up some of our yard decor lately and wanted to share the results. I have some gnomes in my raised herb garden given to me by my gnome loving husband, they are on their third summer though and have seen better days. So I decided to repaint and relacquer them. Then I noticed our plain wooden bird house didn’t weather the winter well. Several pieces of wood had fallen off and the wood was dirty and yucky looking. So I used wood glue to repair it and then painted a fun spring color Continue reading “Sprucing Up for Spring”

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Zucchini… Brownies?!

Our wonderful garden is giving us lots of great veggies this summer, one of the veggies we have in surplus is zucchini. We only have one plant but in the past three days I have five huge zucchini and more coming soon. I made some into brownies with the kids today with my mother’s recipe I grew up loving. It was so much fun so yummy I just had to share! Continue reading “Zucchini… Brownies?!”

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Rabbits, Squirrels and Birds Oh My… Gardening Solutions

Every year my husband and I enjoy planting our own organic vegetable garden. We enjoy working in it together and teaching our children about how things grow and taking pride in growing our own food. Each year brings challenges like weeds, animals, bugs, etc. Last year we struggled with a rather large raccoon and many squirrels. This year we have a cute bunny who my children have named and love to watch hop around the yard. He has eaten several cucumber plants and bean plants. click here for the full post