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Naked Eggs!

A few weeks ago (yes my blogging is behind) we used an egg for our science time learning. We made “naked eggs” or eggs with the shell removed just in the delicate membrane. I’ve seen it done before and decided it would be a great experiment for my girls to do.

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Apple Butter in the Crockpot

This week I was a happy recipient of lots of fresh organic apples! I love baking with apples so I’ve been enjoying them and making old and new recipes. Yesterday I made a fresh batch of apple butter in the crockpot all day and canned it when I got home last night from church. I was encouraged to share the recipe on my blog, so here it is.

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Top Ten Posts, Thanks A (Half) Million!

Wow, in just five months I have gone over half a million views! It is hard for me to comprehend this amount of traffic, I am so thankful to my faithful readers and even those who only have stopped by once. I love blogging about my crazy but blessed life and it’s become a great way for me to preserve and share my every day life.

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