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GLOW Bath Paint

Who doesn’t love glow fun?! My kiddos love it! Glow fun in the bath tub with glowing paint? Let’s just say my 3 year old cried when I made him get out after an hour 🙂 Best part is there are only 2 ingredients for this fluffy glowing bath paint! Continue reading “GLOW Bath Paint”

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No Bake Easter Cupcakes!

So, I had a lady’s ministry get together last night. When asked to bring a snack to share I usually feel obligated to bake something. As a stay-at-home mom of three littles, who I homeschool (don’t get me started on how much time I spend doing just that!), and I have 5 part time jobs I do to help our family financially while I stay home… I just didn’t feel like baking! So I ran to the store.

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Fingerprint Crosses

This week in my art class we did a fun and simple project, Fingerprint Crosses! I love giving them projects to take home and display that go with the season. So thinking about Easter and my elementary art students I settled on these fun crosses!

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100 Plastic Egg Stuffer Ideas (No Candy)

So as Easter approaches I’m faced with another holiday that my kids will receive a lot of candy they don’t need. We usually have Halloween candy until the next year when I finally dump it because maybe 5% was eaten. We just don’t allow a lot of extra sugar in our house. It isn’t good for my kids and they are so used to fruits or organic snack options they don’t usually even ask for candy. I cannot control what they get at local parties or egg hunts. At home though I always try to find alternative egg fillers!

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Giraffe Baby Shower Cake

This baby will be loved… yes, I know all babies are super loved on. Maybe I’m a bit biased, but the family I made this baby shower cake for loves on their own (they’ve sorta adopted us too) deeply. This family demonstrates such love they are known for it. I am honored to say they have shown me personally a lot of love. So again I repeat, this baby will be loved! The cake they asked for was a giraffe cake to feed about 40 people.

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Making Sweet Irish Soda Bread With Kids

So we just traveled home today after a nice week’s vacation at my parents house. It was obvious all the way home that my children had just left their Irish Grandmother’s house very close to St. Patrick’s Day! All the way home we heard them chattering about gold, leprechauns and shamrocks 🙂 I adore watching them listen to my mother’s stories. Seeing their eyes light up hearing about Irish folklore and traditions makes my heart warm. So when we got home I decided it would be a fun treat to make Irish soda bread together.

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Wedding Sign

My little sister got married this weekend! I say little because she is 7 years younger than me but she is 25 so not too little 🙂 All grown up and married, it seems like yesterday she was playing with Barbies and I was a senior in high school… time flies. Well I was her matron (sounds old ugh) of honor and my two girlies were her flower girls! My son had the honor of being her ring bearer, but being only 3 giving him priceless small rings wasn’t the best idea. So she had me make him a sign to carry down the aisle!

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