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Chalkboard Pallet

So toward the beginning of my 30 Days Of Thankfulness Challenge I decided to turn a pallet into a chalkboard pallet! We had our roof worked on recently after one of our lovely Oklahoma storms ripped part of it off. The roofers were kind enough to leave behind two pallets, a crafty girl’s dream 🙂 I thought of at least 50 ways I wanted to use these pallets and settled on using one for my chalkboard pallet idea. Continue reading “Chalkboard Pallet”

Art for kids, craft, DIY, Kids

Tissue Paper Transfer Canvas

I’m headed to a large women’s retreat this weekend to do live art during worship sessions. I have 4 large pieces I’ve been working on for that but also will be taking extra pieces. So while prepping some work to take I tried a new technique that I’m sharing here today. It’s simple, quick and anyone can do it. I love the way it turned out also. I just wanted a faded background and I got it! Continue reading “Tissue Paper Transfer Canvas”

Art for kids, craft, DIY, Kids, stay-at-home-mom

College-ruled T-shirts

This post was featured in American Profile magazine this week! So I’m reblogging it as per many requests 🙂 It is a fun and easy back to school project! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

My Crazy Blessed Life!

So I recently made these really adorable and easy shirts for my girls.  They are made to look like a piece of notebook paper and remind me of school, so with school just beginning for the year and office supplies everywhere for sale…  well you get where my motivation to create these came from. 

Here is a quick and simple tutorial for making them:

1.  First you need a white T-shirt (I got the girl’s shirts a while back at Hobby Lobby when they did the 50% off shirts so they cost 1.50 each.  You will also need blue and red paint (fabric paint or acrylic with fabric paint additive), a paint brush, poster board to put inside the shirt so the paint doesn’t leak to the back and wide masking tape.

2.  Next, take the masking tape and tape off the shirt where you want your blue lines to be.  I found that…

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Art for kids, craft, DIY, homeschool, Kids, stay-at-home-mom

Tissue Paper Sharks

It’s Shark Season! Shark movies are on TV all the time and Shark week begins next week 🙂 My kids love sharks and all of my art class students do also. In fact each year during my art camps we dedicate one whole day to just Shark art and craft projects! This week I’m going to post some of the many projects we’ve done. Continue reading “Tissue Paper Sharks”

Art for kids, craft, DIY, homeschool, Kids, stay-at-home-mom

DIY Bright Pasta For Art

My children and art class students love to play with brightly colored pasta. So over the years I’ve experimented with ways to color pasta for art. I have decided on this method being the brightest and best so far 🙂 Continue reading “DIY Bright Pasta For Art”