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Shark Tooth Necklaces!

Shark Week is coming! Only 5 more days 🙂 My students made shark tooth necklaces this year at Art Camp! They are fun and easy to make for all ages.


They are so simple! We used lanyard string for the necklaces which you can find at most craft stores or use another kind if you would rather. I ordered a small bag of shark teeth from Amazon, and only cost 1.90!!! It had about 20 shark teeth in it. My husband found a tutorial online about wiring them so they can be strung onto a necklace. Big thanks to an amazing hubby who did that for me 🙂


Then once the kids string the shark tooth let them fill the necklace in with other beads! I have lots of creative students and they turned out so pretty. I wish I had pics of them all 🙂 Here is another fun pic of my kids with sharks!


Enjoy Shark season with your kiddos, thanks for stopping by!


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