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Wordless Wednesday… Gingerbread House Decorating Party!

So here was my night in pics ūüôā¬† I had a gingerbread house decorating party for my teen girls small group.¬† We had a blast and A LOT of sugar!¬† Oh and I let my two girls join in, they begged and I’m a sucker for their sweet faces… enjoy

OK that was my night with some great girls!¬†Hope this inspires you to have a gingerbread house decorating party too ūüôā It was so much fun!¬† Thanks for stopping by ūüôā


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Last Minute Teacher Christmas Gifts!

So Yesterday morning the girls left with Eric for Preschool and I thought nothing of it, until Eric showed back up at home after dropping them off instead of heading to the office as usual.¬†He came in and asked if I’d checked the Preschool Calender or if I’d gotten an e-mail from the director about Thursday’s activities.¬†Immediately my mind was trying to figure out what it was I had forgotten, checked my e-mail and saw that I had forgotten they were having Jesus’ birthday party and eat pizza (I’d sent a packed lunch).¬†Next I realized it was their last day of Preschool for the month, and I had forgotten to do something for their teachers for Christmas.¬†OK, double oops.¬†I looked at Eric and knew his day was crazy I’d have to get creative.¬†So after doing morning snack for Noah and putting him down for his morning nap (yep, 19 months and still taking 2 naps! I’m so thankful) I began searching my kitchen.¬†

I’ve seen several cute ideas for ‘smores kits for teacher gifts and I had everything I needed for it.¬†

I went to the drawer with our baggies and realized all of the smaller bags said “Ziploc” all over the front.¬† We had gallon sized bags that are Great Value brand that were plain… but GALLON size!

¬†So unwilling to make a gallon size ‘smores kit for each teacher I folded it in half thinking it would make a much better size.¬†Then I saw my food sealer and wondered if it would seal cheap plastic bags like I had.¬†Prepared to fail I cut the bag in half top to bottom and placed the cut side on the heat sealer and pressed start.¬†It actually worked! I was amazed and thrilled I had an easy solution to my problem of needing a cute smaller bag without words all over it.

Next I filled it with graham cracker squares and a Hershey bar and some marshmallows.

Then I got some scrapbook paper that looked cute and cut it to a size that I could fold over the top of the bag and staple to it. 

I wrote the word ‘SMORE¬†in big letters and then filled it in with a white paint pen.¬† Next I used some alphabet stamps to stamp the words “we need” above the word ‘smore¬†and then stamped the words “great teachers like you” under the word ‘smore.¬†

Then on the back I stamped “Love, Katie” and “Love, Bella” on each girl’s gift.¬†

OK so there it is, a simple quick teacher gift that took about 30 min. and was very very¬†last minute!¬† Thanks for stopping by ūüôā


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15 Traditions of Christmas

I love to read about different family’s Christmas Traditions and how they Celebrate this special season. Since Christmas is so close I thought it would be fun to share a few traditions our little family likes to keep each year. I love family traditions and growing up with a family rich in tradition I know these will be good memories for years to come for my sweet children.

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My husband has been asking me for months to make a Cherpumple¬†for the youth group Chili Cookoff¬†and Baked Goods Auction at church.¬† I said, “No way!”¬† many many¬†times, but I just love him so darn much… So yesterday I attempted baking my very first Cherpumple.¬† First of all, you may be asking what is a Cherpumple?¬† Well from my research, it was invented by a man named Charles Phoenix for Thanksgiving.¬† As a solution to the problem of different people wanting many different types of desserts. So he created a cake with three layers of different flavors with three different flavor pies baked into each, then stacked and iced with cream cheese frosting.¬† Strange, yes.¬† Funny, yes.¬† Gross, maybe.¬† Genius, since so many are making it… probably.¬†

I spent a good 6 hours or so making this, so before you take this on know that it will take a very long time.  Next important fact is that it is best made with store bought pies and boxed cake mixes.  They withstand the process much better than homemade.  So we bought a cherry, pumpkin, and apple pie from the local grocery store and choose 3 that seemed the sturdiest.  Then bought a chocolate, yellow, and spice boxed cake mix.  Also 3 cans of cream cheese icing. 

One tip I came up with on my own after seeing many others failures and complaints online is that I lessened the liquids.  I lessened the water and oil by about 1/8 of a cup each, and kept the eggs the same as the box called for.  I did this because I saw many cakes fell apart due to being too moist and soft. So by reducing the liquids I came up with a more dense and firm cake to uphold the pies inside. 

So I began with my first layer of chocolate cake and a cherry pie inside.¬† For each layer I sprayed my 10″ round cake pan with¬†cooking spray¬†and placed a piece of parchment paper that I traced and cut out into the bottom and then sprayed that with cooking spray also.¬†

After my chocolate cake mix was mixed I put 1/3 of the cake batter into the pan and then carefully slid the cherry pie out of its tin and into the middle of the pan on top of the cake batter.  Next I covered the cherry pie with the remaining 2/3 of chocolate cake batter. 

Then baked that at 350 degrees for about an hour, I just kept checking with a toothpick until it came out clean.  When I removed it I let it cool for about 5 min and then flipped out of the pan onto a cooling rack to cool down.  After about 25 minutes I put it in the deep freezer to quick cool for about 30 minutes before crumb coating it with the cream cheese icing. 

I repeated this process with the apple pie in the yellow cake, and the pumpkin pie in the spice cake.  I froze each layer, the freezer was my friend when it came to keeping my cake stable. 

middle layer cooling
pumpkin pie in the spice cake
the whole thing dirty iced

After the final layer of icing I decorated and let freeze a bit longer.¬† We had to take it to church without my cake carrier because it just wouldn’t fit.¬†

finished Cherpumple before I took it to church

This is a picture of what it looked like when it was cut into.

I wont say it was a big hit because it wasn’t, it didn’t go for very much.¬† Only had one bidder (a man who loves me like a granddaughter) and even he split it up and passed it out so he didn’t have to take it all home.¬† I only had one single comment about it and that was from the winner, “you’re trying to kill me” (said with love of course).¬†Not the hit my sweet hubby had hoped it would be for sure.¬†Or the conversation piece others I read online found it to be. So while it was a fun challenge to make and its nice to say I’ve done it, I guess it wasn’t that great and I probably wont do it again.