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Wordless Wednesday… Gingerbread House Decorating Party!

So here was my night in pics :)  I had a gingerbread house decorating party for my teen girls small group.  We had a blast and A LOT of sugar!  Oh and I let my two girls join in, they begged and I’m a sucker for their sweet faces… enjoy OK that was my night … Continue reading

Last Minute Teacher Christmas Gifts!

So Yesterday morning the girls left with Eric for Preschool and I thought nothing of it, until Eric showed back up at home after dropping them off instead of heading to the office as usual. He came in and asked if I’d checked the Preschool Calender or if I’d gotten an e-mail from the director about … Continue reading

15 Traditions of Christmas

I love to read about different family’s Christmas Traditions and how they Celebrate this special season. Since Christmas is so close I thought it would be fun to share a few traditions our little family likes to keep each year. I love family traditions and growing up with a family rich in tradition I know … Continue reading


My husband has been asking me for months to make a Cherpumple for the youth group Chili Cookoff and Baked Goods Auction at church.  I said, “No way!”  many many times, but I just love him so darn much… So yesterday I attempted baking my very first Cherpumple.  First of all, you may be asking what is a … Continue reading

Christmas Pictures

Life has been way too busy to blog lately, but I just did some at home Christmas pictures and thought I would share.  I pray you and your family enjoy a Christ-centered Christmas season! 

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