Saturday Project: Refinish a Table

Tis the season for all the beautiful lawn furniture to make an appearance at all the major retailers right next to all the gardening stuff. I love gardening so I spend lots of time in this section, in the Spring. I usually look through the furniture and wish we could afford a nice outdoor set, well this year I decided to attempt to make what we have look better instead. Continue reading “Saturday Project: Refinish a Table”

Birthday Party, cakes

Veggie Garden Cake

So since my cake/birthday party posts are the most popular on my blog I thought I would do a few posts on cakes I’ve made in the past that I liked. Today’s post cake is from my daughter Bella’s first birthday party. The theme was bunny garden, so I decided to make a garden cake.  Continue reading “Veggie Garden Cake”

Birthday Party, cakes

A cake for a girl who loves to make things out of duct tape…

My friend has a daughter who loves to make things out of duct tape. She loves to get brightly colored and patterned duct tape and make things like bows, bracelets, purses, wallets and more. All of her creations are cute and usually functional. It was her birthday recently and her mom asked me to come up with a cake that would reflect her love of making things with duct tape.  Continue reading “A cake for a girl who loves to make things out of duct tape…”