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A cake for a girl who loves to make things out of duct tape…

My friend has a daughter who loves to make things out of duct tape. She loves to get brightly colored and patterned duct tape and make things like bows, bracelets, purses, wallets and more. All of her creations are cute and usually functional. It was her birthday recently and her mom asked me to come up with a cake that would reflect her love of making things with duct tape. She brought me some things her daughter had made so I could use them as inspiration. I made the cake as bright as her personality, I used a white cake and colored it in 5 bright shades (hot pink, lime green, yellow, bright blue and purple). I dropped it into the cake pan one color at a time in three separate spots in the pan. This ended up creating a peace sign of sorts inside the pan. I loved how it looked going in the oven!

After it came out I sliced it in half and iced the center with strawberry icing and then iced it all over with strawberry icing. Knowing the girl the cake was for I got out some of my special stock of edible glitter and used my pink edible glitter all over the strawberry icing for extra sparkle. Then I made some homemade fondant to make the duct tape. I rolled it out on my silpat mat because it gave it that grid that you see faintly on duct tape. Then I used my pizza slicer to slice it into strips about an inch wide. I formed four “rolls” of fondant to look like rolls of duct tape and then used my left over strips to make some of the things I’ve seen my friend’s daughter make. I made a small bow, little purse (it was for her American Girl doll), bracelet and a bag from strips. I took the left over strips and twisted and turned them and let it all sit over night to dry. The next morning I painted all the dried fondant in the shades and patterns of her duct tape. Here is the results! 

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4 thoughts on “A cake for a girl who loves to make things out of duct tape…

  1. I love this cake can you tell me how you made the peace sighn I’m confused

    Posted by sarah | June 6, 2012, 2:49 pm
    • When dropping the colored cake mix into the pan I dropped it in in three separate circles in a triangle to each other. Then I dropped the next color directly on top of each of the three previous circles, repeating with each color until the three circles spread to touching and forming the peace sign design. I baked it and it stayed that way 🙂 sorry if that’s confusing. It’s kinda hard to explain. If I do it again I will have to video the process since it would be easier to see done than explain in words.

      Posted by crazyblessedlife | June 6, 2012, 11:17 pm
  2. I would’ve liked a pic of it cut – what did it look like sliced?

    Posted by JAMcD | August 8, 2015, 6:31 pm

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