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Elderberry Tea

I don’t know about you but it seems like a lot of people I know are sick! I personally have battled a sore throat and sinus congestion all week. One of my favorite immune boosters is elderberry tea. My kids won’t take elderberry syrup, trust me I’ve tried. Although when it comes to my tea… they beg for it! This winter has seen much less sickness in our house and I know my tea is one of the reasons.

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Frozen Dress-Up DIY

Have you seen the new animated movie Frozen?! My kids LOVED it! I think my girls fell so in love with the movie because of the two princesses are sisters. They enjoy pretending they are sister princesses also 🙂 This week the girls and I did some crafts that go along with Elsa’s character (the older sister) so they could play Frozen dress-up. Continue reading “Frozen Dress-Up DIY”