DIY Cat Tower

Quick update on our new addition! Yes, it is a tiny kitten not a baby 🙂 Although, I appreciate all of the congratulations and pregnancy advice! The kids finally agreed to a name… Drumroll… Gracie! We all love her, well most of her. Those tiny needle like, razor sharp claws have left their marks on us all 😦 So in an attempt to give her a place to safely scratch and ahem, dull those claws a bit we decided she needs a cat tower.

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Winter Art: Snow Paint

It’s winter, so the amount of outdoor play is limited. This means that I am always looking for easy projects indoors for my kids. As a winter afternoon project yesterday we made snow paint! It was fun to make and paint/play with! Continue reading “Winter Art: Snow Paint”


Lighthouses and Grandmothers

I am an artist, painting is my favorite thing to do on my own time. I am not amazing but decent and am passionate about my work. I do live worship art for big audiences, I do murals for walls, I do small pieces for fun or to sell, I paint for hire and paint for fun. I am also an art teacher, I teach a class of 20 elementary age homeschool kids one day a week. I do private lessons and run art camps in the summer. I have never shared my art on my blog before, but today I am. As usual with all of my art, there is a story to be told with this recent piece.

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Homemade Pepper Jelly

It’s Christmas season! Our house is in full crazy schedule mode and I have barely had a chance to slow down. Sound familiar? Between Christmas parties, homeschool, church events and family stuff we are doing with the kids I have barely been home. Sadly enough blogging has taken a backseat this month. I usually post DIY Christmas gifts I’m making as I go. So better late than never, here is a simple recipe for a yummy gift I’m giving to some friends this year! Continue reading “Homemade Pepper Jelly”