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Pumpkin Sensory Play

Now that it is fall I have lots of great activities I cannot wait to do with my kiddos! One we did last week was a blast and the kids played with it for almost an hour. I have let the kids play in shaving cream on our dinning room table before since it is fun to write in and just a fluffy sensory experience. This time though I wanted to give it a fall twist and tried a few new things.

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Fall Burlap Wreath

Happy First Day of Fall friends! This year instead of getting out my old fall wreath for the front door I made a new one. The old one I had made was used for 8 years and looking worse for the wear. I just love burlap and have seen a few cute burlap wreaths floating around Pinterest so I went for it. I actually had a few rolls of burlap table runner leftover from my oldest daughter’s 5th birthday party over a year ago. If you are a reader, you might remember that it was a shabby chic cowgirl party found here. I’m glad I held onto all of that burlap!

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