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Shark Cake

Today is my sweet oldest Katie’s 7th birthday! We already had a fun big Frozen themed party with friends. The girls like to celebrate their birthdays together and have a party between their two birthdays. So on the actual day we let them choose what I make for dinner, make a small cake at home and have a few local family members over for cake 🙂

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Birthday Party, cakes, Kids

Ninja Turtles Cake

I got the chance to make a ninja turtles birthday cake for a boy turning 6 this week! I was pretty excited/nervous because I wanted to make sure the details were all there for this little guy. I mean 6 year olds know their favorite characters really well am I right?! As I was doing this cake I found out my husband and several friends consider themselves ninja turtle fans (ahem… experts) from when we were that age 🙂 so I had lots of help getting this just right! Continue reading “Ninja Turtles Cake”

Birthday Party, cakes, Kids

Wild Things Birthday Party!

Today is my son’s 4th Birthday! My youngest is 4?! Wow did that fly by… it’s been 4 wild years of learning to be a boy momma. A whole different experience from my girls that is full of dirt, wrestling, cars and noise! One I would also not trade for anything in the entire world, because it has brought so much joy, love and excitement! He is so sweet with a healthy dose of rough and tumble. His favorite book right now is Where the Wild Things Are. So much so that I read it to him about 10 times a week or more! He pretends to be Max and so I just knew it would make the perfect birthday party theme. We had his party on Friday night since his birthday is on a Sunday.

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Birthday Party for 2 Sweet Girls

This year we were traveling all around my daughter Bella’s birthday in July. By the time we slowed down enough to have a real party it was almost her older sister’s birthday. So after talking to the girls, they were fine combining their parties into one. They were not budging on a combined theme though. So we threw a half My Little Pony and half Doc McStuffins party!

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Birthday Party, cakes, DIY, Kids, Reflections

Noah’s Superhero Party

My son turned 3 last weekend! He asked for a superhero party this year and as a closet superhero fan I was more than a little excited 🙂 Here is a peek at our little party (before my kids turn 5 we just do a family party at home and after 5 they start inviting friends) it was lots of fun.
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Cowgirl/Horse Birthday Party For Katie

Last Friday night we had Katie’s cowgirl/horse party, it was a hit with my sweet 5-year-old birthday girl! It was pink, brown and white everything since my little girl is not only a horse lover she is by far a girly girl also. I really enjoyed planning and making everything for this party because she was more involved this year since she is getting older and more opinionated. Continue reading “Cowgirl/Horse Birthday Party For Katie”

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party

My Annabelle’s 4th birthday party went great. I’m sharing some of the decor ideas today since I try to go pretty cheap, yet fun and as big as I can. I love seeing other mom’s ideas so I can use them too, so I’m sharing to help out other moms too.

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