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Shark Cake

Today is my sweet oldest Katie’s 7th birthday! We already had a fun big Frozen themed party with friends. The girls like to celebrate their birthdays together and have a party between their two birthdays. So on the actual day we let them choose what I make for dinner, make a small cake at home and have a few local family members over for cake 🙂

This year Katie helped me bake the cake, choose the design and help decorate. She loved doing it and I must say I had a blast baking and laughing with my girl all morning. I am so blessed to be this little girl’s momma. She loved that Shark Week coincides with her birthday this year and wanted a shark cake. She explained that she already had a “pretty cake” at her party and needed a fun cake on her birthday 🙂 best of both worlds for my girl!



She was so proud of our creation and we enjoyed a quiet family night being grateful for our joyful girl!


I am so thankful for each moment I’ve had her! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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