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Shark Week Ice Cream Sandwiches

Shark Week is in full swing friends! Today at lunch my Dad got my kids ice cream sandwiches for dessert as a treat. We made them a bit more fun (can ice cream sandwiches be any MORE fun?!) to go along with Shark Week!


Add some shark sprinkles!!! I just poured a few out and let the kids roll the edges of the ice cream sandwich in the sprinkles and they stuck to the ice cream. They loved it, and seriously how easy was that little bit of fun?! I know my son enjoyed his and pretending he was a shark biting it πŸ™‚


Yesterday we made a trip to our local aquarium for a special Shark Week presentation. I got this great shot of my kiddos watching the sharks eat! I love seeing their excitement πŸ™‚


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Johanna πŸ™‚


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