DIY Fruit Leather

My kids LOVE fruit! They almost always choose fruit over cookies/candy. I am by no means complaining about this either. I love fruit also and am always trying new recipes with fruit in them. I came across several recipes for fruit leather. I have lots of fruit right now and like the idea that DIY fruit leather that is made without extra sugar, preservatives, cheaper and very fresh for my sweet kids. Continue reading “DIY Fruit Leather”

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Father’s Day DIY Tie

I have had some requests for Father’s Day DIY gift ideas, since I’m still working on this year’s gift last year’s will have to do. Last year for Father’s Day the kids and I made a tie for my husband to wear to church on Sunday. It was a simple and love-filled gift that he was proud to wear. Continue reading “Father’s Day DIY Tie”

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Zucchini… Brownies?!

Our wonderful garden is giving us lots of great veggies this summer, one of the veggies we have in surplus is zucchini. We only have one plant but in the past three days I have five huge zucchini and more coming soon. I made some into brownies with the kids today with my mother’s recipe I grew up loving. It was so much fun so yummy I just had to share! Continue reading “Zucchini… Brownies?!”


Diaper Cake

As I mentioned in a previous post my cousin and his wife had a baby shower which I made a cake and cupcakes for (see the post here: Jungle Cake). My sister Shannon and I wanted to do something special for them and make a gift instead of buying a onesie and card. We decided on a jungle themed diaper cake!

Continue reading “Diaper Cake”