I’ve Been Nominated!

I’m very excited to say I was nominated last week for the Illuminating Blogger Award at food stories.com/illuminating-blogger-award/.


I was nominated by CJ at foodstoriesblog.com. I’m pretty excited as I’m a fairly new blogger and have actual readers who like to read my blog! Not only read it but nominate it for awards 🙂

One of the requirements is to reveal one random thing about yourself in your acceptance post. So here it is, I’m a Bible Bowl coach. Bible Bowl is a national program that teams of teens from churches participate in, they learn a specified text from the Bible and play against other teams in games throughout the year. It is similar to academic bowl if you know what that is. This year the official text is the book of Matthew and the two teams I coach have been studying it all year and playing against other teams from a local (I use local freely since we play in Texas, but its the closest) Round Robin once a month. In July we head to a national competition in Orlando Florida. I grew up playing Bible Bowl and loved it, but never thought I would become a coach! Now that I am , I love this side of it also. Seeing teens grow in their faith as they learn the Bible is the most rewarding thing I’ve done besides parenting. If you still don’t understand from my attempt to explain, you can visit the official site for more details of how it works: http://www.biblebowl.net.

Another requirement is to nominate five other bloggers. I’m I the process of deciding who to nominate. I am to post it on their site, if you have a blog you would like to suggest or even your own for me to look at please leave a comment and I will check it out 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Nominated!”

  1. Iwillcarryyou.wordpress.com …. Great blog about a family in Cinci who were told to terminate their pregnancy because their little girl had trisomy 18 and that was incompatible with life. Instead, they put their trust in the lord and chose to carry her. She is now 5 weeks old!!! Check it out!!

  2. You deserve it! I read your blog daily (just in case you’ve added any new things) and I can’t wait to do them all with my daughter 🙂 she’s only 6 months now, but I have some amazing ideas for when she’s a little bigger 🙂 thanks to you!

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