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Basketball Game Food

Last night we had the teens from church over to watch the OKC Thunder play in the NBA Finals. I decided to make some “basketball” snacks since they would be here about four hours and all teens get hungry in that amount of time πŸ™‚

I made two pizzas both with cheddar cheese instead of mozzarella to look more like basketballs. Then I added mini pepperoni to one and olives to the other for the basketball lines. I used store bought crust to save time and regretted it, it didn’t taste very good. Next time I’ll make my own, but they still looked good πŸ™‚



I also made my favorite tortilla chip dip which is super easy. Just one container of sour cream and a packet of taco seasoning (my favorite is Taco Bell seasoning). Usually I top it with lettuce, salsa, cheese and olives. Last night I just went with cheddar cheese and olives for the lines to look like a basketball.


I also made my favorite cheeseball recipe. It’s just two blocks of cream cheese, turkey lunch meat slices into 1/2″ squares and 3 T Zesty Italian dressing all mixed and then hardened into a ball wrapped in Saran wrap in the fridge. I don’t usually coat the outside at all but last night I coated it in cheddar cheese and used olives for the lines to make it look like a basketball.


My favorite snack of the night was by far my brownie bites! I just got regular brownie bites, chocolate icing and nilla wafers. I put a little chocolate icing on the bottom of a nilla wafer and stuck it to the top of the brownie bite. Then I put some of the chocolate icing in a small baggie and snipped the corner just a tiny bit with scissors and piped it onto the nilla wafers for the lines on the basketball. I loved how cute they were and they tasted even better πŸ™‚


I made some other round things but they did not look like a basketball. Thanks for stopping by!
Johanna πŸ™‚


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I'm a homeschool mother of two adorable girls only 11 months apart, and a sweet little boy. I love with being their mommy. My husband is a camp manager. I am passionate about being a stay-at-home mother and homemaker, its such an exciting, exhausting and rewarding job!


One thought on “Basketball Game Food

  1. Hi Johanna,
    I couldn’t find where to email you on your site. I’m a producer for HLN Weekend Express and I wanted to get in touch with you about your basketball pizzas. Can you please email me back as soon as you get a moment about a possible feature on them? Thank you.

    Posted by Monica Nino | March 31, 2014, 8:55 am

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