Apples and Peanut Butter Dip

One of my favorite entertaining recipes is my peanut butter dip with apple slices. I made it last night for a girl’s night and decided to share it with my readers on my blog. click for the full recipe

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Science Experiment Transformed into Art Supplies


My kids and I microwaved a bar of Ivory soap, if you have never seen this done, try it! When microwaved Ivory soap will expand up to six times it’s original size becoming a big soap “cloud.” see the full post and repurpose for the soap here!

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Feeling Patriotic

Happy Memorial Day! I decided to post some of my favorite past patriotic crafts that I’ve done with my kids. Also some cute pics of my kids from past Memorial Days and Fourth of Julys. I’m sure we will do something new today (I have a few things in mind) but wanted to share what we’ve done before this morning to maybe inspire some other moms looking for ideas 🙂

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Noah is 2! Cars birthday

Noah turned 2 last week but since we were traveling he didn’t get a party. So this weekend we were finally able to have a small party for him. My son loves cars, especially the Disney movie Cars or as he calls it, “broom broom.” So we did a Cars party for him tonight. I make all of my kids cakes and usually cake posts are some of my post popular on here so I’m sharing some pics tonight 🙂 Continue reading “Noah is 2! Cars birthday”

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Oobleck Fun!

Looking for something fun and new to do with my kids I came across oobleck. Used with the Dr. Seuss book Bartholomew and the Oobleck. This recipe is something my mom used while I was growing up with me and my siblings but called it “pud” or clean mud. I love the way it has been incorporated into the Dr. Seuss book though and decided to do it with the kids for a fun morning project.
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Rabbits, Squirrels and Birds Oh My… Gardening Solutions

Every year my husband and I enjoy planting our own organic vegetable garden. We enjoy working in it together and teaching our children about how things grow and taking pride in growing our own food. Each year brings challenges like weeds, animals, bugs, etc. Last year we struggled with a rather large raccoon and many squirrels. This year we have a cute bunny who my children have named and love to watch hop around the yard. He has eaten several cucumber plants and bean plants. click here for the full post