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Science Experiment Transformed into Art Supplies


My kids and I microwaved a bar of Ivory soap, if you have never seen this done, try it! When microwaved Ivory soap will expand up to six times it’s original size becoming a big soap “cloud.”
after cooling for a few minutes I let my kids play with it. This was a fun sensory experience and early science experiment for them. Here are some pics of the soap “cloud” fun!






They had so much fun playing with the fluffy soap until it became almost like snow flakes all over the table 🙂 Being a thrifty mom, I didn’t pay anything for the soap (I coupon… a lot) but that doesn’t mean I wanted to just throw the flakes away when we were done either. It felt too wasteful, so I put them in six clear cups I had left over from a party.


Next I put different color drops of food coloring in each cup along with 1-3 tablespoons of water and used a whisk to mix it.


Now we had soap bath paints! My kids were so excited to try them out, and they worked so well. It makes a foamy fun colorful experience.


My favorite part of these easy DIY bath paints (besides being cheap and easy) is that when we were finished there was a lot of “paint” left. I just let it dry out and next bath added a few drops of water and mixed again. It worked just as well as the first time! So we can use it for several bath times 🙂 I will warn you though my kids loved this until they attempted to paint each others hair colors and it ran down into their eyes 😦 This soap is NOT tear-free, so we have a new rule of no where above the shoulders.
Hope your family enjoys these as much as we did! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


7 thoughts on “Science Experiment Transformed into Art Supplies”

  1. Love your blogs!! Thanks for sharing! How long did you microwave the soap for? My kiddies will love this. Growing soap and bath fun. Love it.

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