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Good Friday Activities

Good morning friends! It is Good Friday, the day we remember Jesus’ death on the cross. I love the saying, “It’s Friday, but Sunday’s a comin’!” Search for the YouTube video and watch it today, it is a powerful reminder of what Good Friday is about. This week in my art class we did a project to help them remember the meaning of Good Friday. Continue reading “Good Friday Activities”

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Surprise Color Erupting Egg Dying

Yes Easter is still two weeks away, but my kids have been begging to dye Easter eggs since February. I blame Walmart for getting all of the Easter stuff out the day after Valentines Day! I have held my kiddos off as long as possible and finally surprised them yesterday with Color Surprise Erupting Egg Dying!

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Easter Glow Art

In my art class this week I made up more of my Glow Shaving Cream Paint . I set up a room with black lights and we used it in two art projects. We made glowing crosses and glowing Easter eggs.

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No Bake Easter Cupcakes!

So, I had a lady’s ministry get together last night. When asked to bring a snack to share I usually feel obligated to bake something. As a stay-at-home mom of three littles, who I homeschool (don’t get me started on how much time I spend doing just that!), and I have 5 part time jobs I do to help our family financially while I stay home… I just didn’t feel like baking! So I ran to the store.

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Fingerprint Crosses

This week in my art class we did a fun and simple project, Fingerprint Crosses! I love giving them projects to take home and display that go with the season. So thinking about Easter and my elementary art students I settled on these fun crosses!

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100 Plastic Egg Stuffer Ideas (No Candy)

So as Easter approaches I’m faced with another holiday that my kids will receive a lot of candy they don’t need. We usually have Halloween candy until the next year when I finally dump it because maybe 5% was eaten. We just don’t allow a lot of extra sugar in our house. It isn’t good for my kids and they are so used to fruits or organic snack options they don’t usually even ask for candy. I cannot control what they get at local parties or egg hunts. At home though I always try to find alternative egg fillers!

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