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100 Plastic Egg Stuffer Ideas (No Candy)

So as Easter approaches I’m faced with another holiday that my kids will receive a lot of candy they don’t need. We usually have Halloween candy until the next year when I finally dump it because maybe 5% was eaten. We just don’t allow a lot of extra sugar in our house. It isn’t good for my kids and they are so used to fruits or organic snack options they don’t usually even ask for candy. I cannot control what they get at local parties or egg hunts. At home though I always try to find alternative egg fillers!


So here is my list of ideas I’ve gathered as plastic egg stuffers (no candy)!

Stick on earrings
Small box of raisins
Grow animals
Dental floss
Lip gloss or Chapstick
Polly pocket doll
Sticky hands
Tiny bubble bottles
Self adhesive mustaches
Littlest pets shop tiny toys

Bible verses on folded paper
Small chick toys
Pair of socks rolled up
Mini notebook
Rubber band ball
Funchop kids chopstick helpers
Superhero mask rolled up
Clip on earrings
Blow up punch ball balloons

Words of affirmation on a folded piece of paper
Nerf darts
Color hair extensions
Sidewalk chalk
Crayon rings
Small stress ball
Mini kaleidoscope
Pirate eye patch
Little squirt toys for bath

Rubber jelly bracelets
Shape Erasers
Bouncy ball
Silly putty
Army guy
Toy ring
Coin (my kids get excited to find a nickel or quarter!)
Small nail polish

Toy car
Finger puppet
Small keychain
Colorful hair ties
Tiny flashlight
Toy bugs
Toy animals

Pencil grips
Mini parachute guy
Small slinky
Character band-aids
Silly bands
Slap bracelet

Mini pretzel bags
Pull back toys
Mini glow sticks
Stretchy toys
Small pencil sharpeners
Wiki sticks
Character grow towels (dollar stores have these)
Mini compass

Grow capsules
Fun shoelaces
Mini poppers (they look like a rubber ball sliced in half)
Rainbow loom bands
Mini play dough containers
Mini post-it pad
Seed packets
Fake jewels/pretty rocks
Friendship bracelet
Washi tape (small decorative tape for your artsy kid)

Small kazoo
Kids watch
Nail art stickers
Cute magnets
Glow star stickers for walls
Barbie accessories
Finger sporks (Google it… Fun and cute!)
Mini magnifying glass
Porcupine balls
Bendable character toys

Splat toys
Wind up toys
Finger trap
Bean filled ball
Bead necklace
Finger flyers stretchy toys
Fuzzy pencil toppers
Self adhesive foam shapes
Colored bath fizzers

Well there you have it! I won’t be using them all, but several 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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