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Looking Forward to Fall!

So I know it’s only August 1st but…. I LOVE FALL! I just know its getting closer and the days have been so hot and loooong, I’ve been dreaming of Fall.

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Olympic fever!

Tonight we are having an Olympics opening ceremonies party and the kids and I love decorating. So our living room has streamers and balloons in the five Olympic ring colors. The girls wanted to make Olympic shirts and i remembered all the toilet paper rolls I’ve been saving and got a great idea.

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DIY unfinished wood stain

I have a lovely bench that my husband made for our entryway one Christmas as a gift to me. He used old wood because he knows I love the look of repurposed boards. I didn’t evenwant to paint or stain it, although some parts showed old paint and none of the boards were a perfect match in color.
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Good Clean (Sensory Table) Fun!

The kids have been asking for the sensory table this week and I wanted a new idea for the theme. So I thought about how much they have been eager to learn chores and help out around the house, trust me I’m living it up cause I know it will end, and decided to use soap and water!

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I say Po-tay-toe… You say Po-tah-toe!

We recently dug up pounds and pounds of fresh potatoes from our garden. I love finding new ways of using our fresh veggies from the garden. I also love using good old tried and true recipes from my mom. Today I made a new and old recipe with my potatoes and decided to share them.
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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party

My Annabelle’s 4th birthday party went great. I’m sharing some of the decor ideas today since I try to go pretty cheap, yet fun and as big as I can. I love seeing other mom’s ideas so I can use them too, so I’m sharing to help out other moms too.

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