Good Clean (Sensory Table) Fun!

The kids have been asking for the sensory table this week and I wanted a new idea for the theme. So I thought about how much they have been eager to learn chores and help out around the house, trust me I’m living it up cause I know it will end, and decided to use soap and water!

I grabbed some dishes that were dusty and dirty anyway from their play kitchen and filled the sensory table with water. I found some decorative fun soaps we got as gifts they could play with.


Then I just let them free play!





I did play too, and asked questions to get them thinking/learning. Is the soap easy to hold? What does it feel like? Is it rough or smooth? What does it smell like? Can you make bubbles? What is it doing to the water? Do you know what it means to lather it? Let me show you. Etc.

Lots of giggles and play made for a fun afternoon. Then my ever creative Katie said lets use food coloring and try to make bubble art! So I took the play kitchen toys out and rinsed and dried them, removed the soap and got out the food coloring. My kids know I love when they get creative and want to try new ideas out as long as its safe and we have what we need. First they just dropped in some yellow, green and blue food coloring.


Then they mixed it carefully swirling it with their fingers.


Then they gently laid a blank piece of paper on top of the bubbles and then removed it carefully.



It was a neat effect and Katie felt really great that it was her idea 🙂 For other sensory ideas, see my previous post , thanks for stopping by!


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