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Wild Things Birthday Party!

Today is my son’s 4th Birthday! My youngest is 4?! Wow did that fly by… it’s been 4 wild years of learning to be a boy momma. A whole different experience from my girls that is full of dirt, wrestling, cars and noise! One I would also not trade for anything in the entire world, because it has brought so much joy, love and excitement! He is so sweet with a healthy dose of rough and tumble. His favorite book right now is Where the Wild Things Are. So much so that I read it to him about 10 times a week or more! He pretends to be Max and so I just knew it would make the perfect birthday party theme. We had his party on Friday night since his birthday is on a Sunday.


I made him a t-shirt to wear with a saying from the book:


Then I decorated a room at our church (where we had his party) in a jungle theme:



I made yellow and orange bunting based off of his favorite wild thing, Moishe. I hung it around the room and then echoed it on the cake as well. I also made a photo collage of from birth till now in the shape of a 4. Above it I made a sign that says, “4 WILD YEARS!”



This is Noah with his Uncle Jacob wearing some Moishe masks I made. Oh and there I am holding my oldest Katie who sadly had a fairly serious eye injury this week 😦


Here is the food table more up close, it is full of Noah’s favorite foods requested just for his birthday dinner. We had Homemade Chicken and Noodles, Corn on the Cob, Rolls, Cheese and Crackers, and Fruit. The watermelon I cut to look like Max’s boat and the wild things island covered in fruit kabob trees (from the book). I made a super yummy slushy punch, which I might share the recipe on the blog later this week. Then of course the cake! Along with chocolate dipped marshmallows and his favorite stick cookies.





Here is the birthday boy sitting down with his food and then checking out his photo collage:



When it came time for cake Noah was patiently waiting for his candle to be lit. Then there is a picture with it lit while we were singing to him:




Of course there were gifts also! He was so excited about each one of them and I was so grateful to hear him be genuinely thankful for them. I heard him say thank you multiple times for each gift.



It wasn’t a huge party, in our family before they are 5 we only invite family and local adopted family. So only 8 adults (including my husband and I) and 4 kids (3 of them mine). I think he had a blast and enjoyed the party though. During the party he looked at me and said, “Thank you momma for all of my party I love it!” Yep my heart melted and all of the time and effort totally worth it. Noah is my favorite wild thing of all!


I will end with a quote from the book Noah and I say to each other: the first one says, “I’ll eat you up” then the other one says, “I love you so!” Thanks for stopping by! I have a new 4 year old to go play with 🙂










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2 thoughts on “Wild Things Birthday Party!

  1. Wonderful birthday celebration! So creative! Happy birthday Noah!

    Posted by Sheila fish | May 18, 2014, 1:33 pm
  2. Sure would love to have your recipe for the homemade chicken and noodles

    Posted by Margaret Varoz | March 6, 2016, 9:32 pm

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