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Last Minute Teacher Christmas Gifts!

So Yesterday morning the girls left with Eric for Preschool and I thought nothing of it, until Eric showed back up at home after dropping them off instead of heading to the office as usual. He came in and asked if I’d checked the Preschool Calender or if I’d gotten an e-mail from the director about Thursday’s activities. Immediately my mind was trying to figure out what it was I had forgotten, checked my e-mail and saw that I had forgotten they were having Jesus’ birthday party and eat pizza (I’d sent a packed lunch). Next I realized it was their last day of Preschool for the month, and I had forgotten to do something for their teachers for Christmas. OK, double oops. I looked at Eric and knew his day was crazy I’d have to get creative. So after doing morning snack for Noah and putting him down for his morning nap (yep, 19 months and still taking 2 naps! I’m so thankful) I began searching my kitchen. 

I’ve seen several cute ideas for ‘smores kits for teacher gifts and I had everything I needed for it. 

I went to the drawer with our baggies and realized all of the smaller bags said “Ziploc” all over the front.  We had gallon sized bags that are Great Value brand that were plain… but GALLON size!

 So unwilling to make a gallon size ‘smores kit for each teacher I folded it in half thinking it would make a much better size. Then I saw my food sealer and wondered if it would seal cheap plastic bags like I had. Prepared to fail I cut the bag in half top to bottom and placed the cut side on the heat sealer and pressed start. It actually worked! I was amazed and thrilled I had an easy solution to my problem of needing a cute smaller bag without words all over it.

Next I filled it with graham cracker squares and a Hershey bar and some marshmallows.

Then I got some scrapbook paper that looked cute and cut it to a size that I could fold over the top of the bag and staple to it. 

I wrote the word ‘SMORE in big letters and then filled it in with a white paint pen.  Next I used some alphabet stamps to stamp the words “we need” above the word ‘smore and then stamped the words “great teachers like you” under the word ‘smore. 

Then on the back I stamped “Love, Katie” and “Love, Bella” on each girl’s gift. 

OK so there it is, a simple quick teacher gift that took about 30 min. and was very very last minute!  Thanks for stopping by 🙂



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