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Shark Bottles

Another Shark post! Yay for Shark Week πŸ™‚ We made these fun shark bottles last year at my Art Camp and the kids loved them! My children’s have lasted all year and still look almost exactly the same.


First use a funnel to put a layer of sand on the bottom of your bottle. Then add a small shark figurine.


Then add some water colored blue with food coloring, but don’t fill all the way.


Finish filling the bottle with vegetable oil. Before capping it I applied super glue to the bottle top threads so the kids can’t open it and spill it everywhere.


Here are a few of my class’s bottles in a row. I love that the shark on the end is smiling at you πŸ™‚


When the kids shake them up they settle back into the original state after a while! Here is another picture of my kids and sharks πŸ™‚ this one is my son sleeping with his shark stuffed animals after a day at the aquarium. He melts my heart!


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