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Tissue Paper Transfer Canvas

I’m headed to a large women’s retreat this weekend to do live art during worship sessions. I have 4 large pieces I’ve been working on for that but also will be taking extra pieces. So while prepping some work to take I tried a new technique that I’m sharing here today. It’s simple, quick and anyone can do it. I love the way it turned out also. I just wanted a faded background and I got it!


First you need a blank canvas and brightly colored tissue paper. Cut the tissue paper into shapes you like. I wanted triangles for this one. Then place them on the canvas where you want them.


Then spray with vinegar (until soaked) and let sit in the sun to dry.


Remove the tissue once dry and you have a faded background for a piece of art 🙂


All finished! I would appreciate your prayers as I go to this retreat this weekend, that my art would help the speakers’ message to reach the hearts of the women who will be attending. I just know God has big plans for this retreat. One of the speakers is LuLu Roman, and I’m pretty excited to meet her again. I met her last when I was about 6 at a charity concert she was doing. Almost 30 years later I have the opportunity to do ministry with her for His glory. Thank you for your prayers and stopping by!


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