No Mess Finger Painting

So this morning in an attempt to do something fun but not too messy we made these finger painting bags! They are simple, cheap and fun for the kids. Mine played with them quietly for over an hour 🙂

First I put a good squirt of paint in a gallon size bag and a little splash of water (I’d say 1 part water to 3 parts paint). It only needs a little though, too much won’t let the kids draw in it with their fingers. Next, I made sure to get the most air I could out, and then sealed it.


I also taped white pieces of paper at each kid’s place at the table. This was so when they used their fingers to draw in the paint they would see the bright white underneath.


Then I taped the bags on top of the white paper. I used a masking tape because it doesn’t damage my table.


The kids had a blast “finger painting” without all the mess!








Well it was a fun morning of play and super fast clean up (which I LOVE). Thanks for stopping by!
Johanna 🙂


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