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Simple No Pectin Strawberry Freezer Jam

  The girls and I had 2 lbs of strawberries, wanted to make freezer jam and I had no pectin. So I looked around online and read some different recipes, and came up with my own ūüôā Advertisements

Balloon Stress Ball/Toy For Kids (or adults)

So I had this idea suggested by a reader and I love it. Fill a balloon with play dough and you have a cheap and kid friendly stress ball/toy! I made one last night as a trial to take to the ball field for my almost two year old as a boredom buster. It ended … Continue reading

Be Kind Sign From Old Boards

So we had gotten some old boards from a friend who knew I love to make things. Two of the boards were a dark mossy green that I loved. They are beaten up and have old nails in them but I think it adds to the charm :).

Crock Pot Roasted Chicken and Homemade Chicken Stock

Out of a desire to make my own chicken stock, I began researching (asking mom friends, my mom and online research).¬†I finally have a recipe of my own that I love and thought I would share it with my readers.¬†My favorite¬†thing about¬†this recipe is that it makes 1-2 meals worth of chicken for my family … Continue reading

Saturday Project: Refinish a Table

Tis the season for all the beautiful lawn furniture to make an appearance at all the major retailers right next to all the gardening stuff.¬†I love gardening so I spend lots of time in this section, in the Spring.¬†I usually look through the furniture and wish we could afford a nice outdoor set, well this … Continue reading

Sensory Activities

So I’ve been implementing sensory activities into the kids daily schedule for a long time without even realizing what I was doing.¬†Then I came across an article about the importance of intentionally giving your children sensory activities to help them develop and grow through their five senses.¬†There are even therapists who work with children through … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday… Gingerbread House Decorating Party!

So here was my night in pics ūüôā¬† I had a gingerbread house decorating party for my teen girls small group.¬† We had a blast and A LOT of sugar!¬† Oh and I let my two girls join in, they begged and I’m a sucker for their sweet faces… enjoy OK that was my night … Continue reading

15 Traditions of Christmas

I love to read about different family‚Äôs Christmas Traditions and how they Celebrate this special season. Since Christmas is so close I thought it would be fun to share a few traditions our little family likes to keep each year. I love family traditions and growing up with a family rich in tradition I know … Continue reading

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