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Balloon Stress Ball/Toy For Kids (or adults)

So I had this idea suggested by a reader and I love it. Fill a balloon with play dough and you have a cheap and kid friendly stress ball/toy! I made one last night as a trial to take to the ball field for my almost two year old as a boredom buster. It ended up being a fight between my three little ones over who got to play with it next. Several adults also stole a turn or two 🙂


So today I am making more since we are headed on a long car ride tonight and they all three want one. Since it was so successful I decided to blog it and share with my readers. I used regular size balloons I had on hand, and some small play dough containers we got for free from kids meals lately.


I rolled the play dough into small snakes so they would be easy to stick into the balloons.


Then put it all in and tied it off.


My favorite part is that it’s air tight and if the kids want we can just cut the balloon open and get the play dough out to play with again! Also staying fresh keeps the ball from getting hard and no longer fun to play with.

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7 thoughts on “Balloon Stress Ball/Toy For Kids (or adults)”

  1. I do these for my all my students. I find that double ballooning them works best. That way they hold up better. I also use rice in balloons. They need to be double ballooned because the rice can poke the balloons. You can fill them up a lot or a little for different feels.

  2. I also double balloon. Put the playdoh or rice in one balloon and take out the air and trim the knotted end. Then double a balloon over the knotted end and cut the excess….no need for another knot. I work with children with autism and most love these types of sensory balls! =0)

  3. Hi… I just ran into your blog. I really have enjoyed everything I’ve read up to now but I haven’t quite figured out what to do with the play doh filled balloons. Thanks for your reply.

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