DIY Christmas Gift: Beer Bread Mix

December! A month of family, lights, trees, gifts, joy, and celebration! As a DIY blogger I bet it is obvious I love to give DIY gifts! I’ve posted many here on my blog and I want to share another with you today. DIY Beer Bread Mix. My husband and I don’t drink beer so we were both surprised how much we loved beer bread when a close friend had us try some. It tastes so good! There is a company that sells the mixes but they are a bit pricey so I set out to copy their mix and after many failed attempts I finally got it!

FullSizeRender 52

This is so simple you won’t believe me! No seriously only 2 ingredients… really!


3 cups of Self Rising Flour

1/2 cup sugar

That is it… yep just 2! Mix with a whisk and put in a gallon zipper bag and wrap. I like to put it in some cute brown bags I get at the craft store and decorate the front with white paint and stamps or white paint pens.

FullSizeRender 54

So easy! Then I attach a cute tag with the directions for baking their bread. I’m giving you the tag here:


Print as large or small as you like. I like to print it 4-6 to a page on white card stock. I cut them out and hole punch tying them on with a piece of string.

FullSizeRender 53

Simple, quick, inexpensive, and widely loved by everyone I’ve gifted it to! This bread is melt in your mouth yummy. I just did this simple DIY gift with my local MOPS group. I also reminded them that this bread can also be made with a 12 oz. can of soda as well. It will just make a denser bread when baked. I’ve heard great things about cherry soda bread with chocolate chips inside and cream soda bread too! I love sharing great DIY gifts that your friends and family will love to receive! Thanks for stopping by 🙂




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