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Inside Out Halloween

This year our family decided to be the Inside Out characters from the popular Disney/Pixar film. Today I’m sharing some pics of our costumes and a few DIY helps if your family wants to dress up as these characters too 🙂

In case you haven’t seen the movie I included some pictures of the actual characters for reference.

The balls we are holding represent the memory balls from the movie. We just got these balls at our local Walmart for $1.75 each.

This is my oldest daughter who loves Disgust from the movie. She adores that Disgust cares about fashion and she is hitting that age where eye rolls and attitude are more common. She is enjoying this role a bit too much!

This is my middle child who is truly Joy personified! She is almost always happy and looking for the silver lining. She is also one of the funniest kids I’ve ever met. Always telling jokes and making people laugh. Our little piece of sunshine!

This is our youngest boy who begged to be Anger. As a 5-year-old boy in a house with 2 sisters he can get frustrated like Anger does in the movie. Thankfully that is not my little guy’s normal! I think he did a pretty good Anger impression though.

This is my amazing husband who plays along for the kids. He and I were stuck with Fear and Sadness once the kids made their choices. I’m so thankful for a father to my children willing to teach them being silly is fun!

I ended up with Sadness. While not the happiest character she is a hero in the movie so I proudly portrayed her. Mainly I did it for my kiddos though.

Mostly it was about these 3 🙂

Quick note about Joy’s wig. There are some kind of pricey ones online that are ready to go and look just like Joy’s hair. This one was $5.97 at Walmart and I quickly just gave it a short choppy cut and reattached a small chunk to the top for the pokey part on top of Joy’s hair.

Like my glasses? Unwilling to shell out money for a costume pair of these that I will wear maybe twice I decided to DIY it. I used a Pringles can to trace four circles onto black card stock. Then I cut them out, cut out the centers and hot glued two of the rings together (repeat). Then I cut out 2 of the bridge and hot glued them together and then between the two rings. Then I cut out the arms and doubled them also with hot glue.  Finally I hot glued the arms to the sides of the rings and viola Sadness glasses that cost me nothing (as an art teacher I always have black card stock on hand).

Like my hubby’s houndstooth vest? Unwilling to pay more than a few dollars for this meant I had to get creative. I went to our local goodwill and found an XL women’s houndstooth blouse. I cut the sleeves off and the collar. Ta-da! $2 houndstooth vest. Also I could not find a cheap purple toboggan so I knitted this one on a loom one night and attached felt for the eyes and a black pipe cleaner for the crazy hair on Fear’s head.

See Disgust’s cute emerald-green dress. Yeah… this drove me nuts. I looked in literally every clothing store in town for a dark green dress. Nothing. I mean nothing! So I ended up getting a $2.70 Large women’s tank top on clearance. I insided it out (see what I did there?!) and sewed the waist thinner for her. I knew there were leggings involved so I wasn’t too worried it was a bit shorter than I like. Thank goodness we already had a yellow dress that worked for Joy!


Just a few more pictures I liked. Have a wonderful Halloween! Thanks for stopping by 🙂



3 thoughts on “Inside Out Halloween”

  1. Really captures what should be the true essence of Halloween and let’s hope there are always enough folks out there to carry on these types of all-in family celebrations. Great job with the costumes, the pictures and the writing. How can someone not be in the mood for trick or treat after this treat of a post? Well done!

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