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Picture Keeper Giveaway!

I take a lot of photos. I am not a professional photographer by far, but between my blog and my love for taking pictures of my family I have thousands of pictures on my computer. I worry about keeping them safe in a second location in case something happens to the computer. I was recently contacted by a company called Picture Keeper and offered a solution to my storage concerns.


Picture Keeper offers USB drives that backup your photos. It is really simple, you just plug it into the USB drive on your computer and it finds your pictures for you. It saves your pictures on the drive and doesn’t save duplicates! When you have new photos just plug it back in and it searches for the new photos and saves them. It is compatible with Mac or PC. They also offer a mobile app to transfer your photos to your computer to load onto the Picture Keeper.


I tried out the PK 8 and the PK 16. They hold thousands of photos each and I still have lots of room for new photos!


I love that there is no software to download and it was literally plug in and hit start downloading! Once one picture keeper is filled then plug in another and it picks up where the last one left off. Super easy, and I feel much better now that my pictures are backed up and in our fireproof filing cabinet. Those pictures of our family are priceless to me!

Now onto the giveaway 🙂 who doesn’t love a giveaway? Picture Keeper is kind enough to give one of my readers a PK 8, with a retail value of $59.99!

Official Rules: No Purchase is Necessary. Entering is simple, just leave a comment about why you would like to win and you’re entered. You can post one comment a day, I will be checking IP addresses for multiple entries from the same computer in one day. If you have done that your entities are thrown out of the running. Your email will not be shown in the comments and only be used as a way to contact you in the case you have won. I will not share or sell your information. This giveaway runs from November 20, 2014 (today) through November 28, 2014 11:59 a.m. (my birthday). What’s more fun than giving away a great prize on your birthday?! Winner will be chosen by and be notified via email. The winner will have 48 hrs to respond or a new winner will be chosen. You must be 18 years of age or older to win and be Legal Residents of the US. I will contact the sponsor with the email of the winner and they are responsible for the shipping of the prize. I will make every effort to assist the winner in obtaining their prize. Please note that blog is not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes. I represent sponsors under the expectation that they will fulfill their prizes in a timely manner. I have the right to obtain and publicize the winner’s name and likeness. Odds of winning are based on number of entries. Void where prohibited by law. This post is sponsored by Picture Keeper.

Sorry for all of that! It’s necessary though 🙂 Good luck, thanks for stopping by!

*** Edited 11/28/14 – The Winner has been chosen! Jan G. you have won, please use the contact me option to send me your address and I will forward that to my sponsors. Thank you all for your entries! Congrats Jan G.

Johanna 🙂


37 thoughts on “Picture Keeper Giveaway!”

  1. wow how awsome this would be ive tried for years doing our family tree and it has crashed on me several times starting up again and want to safe guard my work for sure this time around nice

  2. I would love to win this. I haven’t organized any of my photos, they’re all over the place. This would be so helpful, it would keep all my photos in one safe place.

  3. What a wonderful product! I would love to use this to scan and store all of my 84 year old Mother’s old pictures from her childhood and from family that has passed on. What a great way to keep them fresh!

  4. I would LOVE to win one of these because I too have a ton of pictures on my computer and I constantly worry about loosing them! Right now I am trying to get everything sent to a copier so I can get a copy of the pics…but it will cost a lot of money$$$. So I am not sure what I will do!
    About 8 years ago our computer crashed and I lost all of the pictures from my youngest sons first year of life! I was heart broken! I now am always worried how I am going to keep them all backed up!

  5. We just moved and all the computers haven’t been unpacked so I have pictures scattered on different computers and phones. I need to get them organized and I know if I had this it was force me to take charge of this problem.

  6. What a fantastic solution to the universal Mom stress of losing pics. I’ve had it happen to me and it still makes me sad 😦

  7. I have a huge family, and I love to take pictures of them, serious or funny, they make my day when I look back on them. I have a lot displayed in my home, but also have a lot on my computer. I don’t like the hassle of saving them to a disc, then having a bunch of discs around. Great idea, Kodak!

  8. Wow! This product seems like the answer to my delimma of how to safely store all my precious photos. I really needed something that would be user friendly.

  9. No software! ? Thats toooo cool! I go picture crazy all day. I never want to forget a single moment of my beautiful families growth! Y do our little ones grow so fast!?! 😦 This is something i would really enjoy especially because of that duplicate thing!! I always end up with a bunch during my transfer and saving.

  10. This product sounds amazing. We have one son who was an infertility baby. He is such a blessing to us. We have taken so many pictures of him that I have run out of room on my computer. I would really enjoy the Picture Keeper because it would give me peace of mind knowing that the precious pictures and memories are safely kept for years to come!
    Thank you for this opportunity to enter a chance to win.
    Mary Kay

  11. What a great idea!! Sounds like an amazing way to keep the pictures of my girls MORE organized 😉 Thanks

  12. I would LOVE to win this picture keeper because I have pictures of my “little” girl from the day she was born (July 2001…she is now 13!!) through today…on various cameras, phones, and flash drives that need to be put into one place!!! Thousands of beautiful pictures that are priceless!!

  13. I would love to try this, I have had computer crashes and external hard drive crashes and lost puctures. I too would like a good back up.

    1. Hi Jan! You are the Picture Keeper PK8 winner!!!!! Congrats! Please use the contact me option on my site to send me your address so I can give it to my sponsor. They will mail you your prize.

  14. Same here to many precious. Moments. End up being lost because our computer crashes.its sad and to get them from other web pages is like a fight with a tooth and a nail.

  15. I plan to take all of our hard copy photos and scan them into the computer. I then plan to give each of my kids a copy of all the family photos I scan in. But the biggest fear is losing all of that work if my computer crashes. This would be a wonderful solution to that problem.

  16. I have experienced the loss of precious digital pictures (daughters’ 4th and 2nd birthdays and son’s first Thanksgiving and first Christmas preparations). I’m always trying to back up my photos now.

  17. Having all our pictures in one place would be amazing. I could have one for train pics, one for nature pics, one for family, one for…. well you get the picture. (pun intended)

  18. Would love to have a way to save pictures…after losing so many with a previous computer! Is it sad I secretly wish for the old 35mm days, at least I would have prints still.. LOL…trying my best to improve my tech skills!

  19. I would LOVE to win b/c I take picutures professionally and personally and I always have a bogged down computer b/c of all my files….this would be a LIFE SAVER

  20. This product sounds great! We have spent hours making sure that we have all our pictures as we archive, but trying not to duplicate pictures. Would love to win this!

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