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Rainbow Art for Kids

Today I’m sharing several rainbow art ideas for kids. These are fun to do around St. Patrick’s Day. Some I even used in my weekly elementary art class.


This is always fun! I gave the kids watered down washable paint and straws. They used the straws to dot the paint on the paper and then blew through the straw to spread the paint out in splatter patterns. Super easy with fun results. It also gives the opportunity to discuss color blending!


We also did this fun project! Finger print painting a rainbow 🙂 I traced the arches on the paper first with a pencil as a guide. Kids loves using their fingers to paint!


Remember the colored beans we made last week? They can be used for a cool art project this week! Give the kids glue and thick paper or cardboard and let them create a cool picture mosaic using the bright beans! To see the bean post about how to color them like this click here: A Rainbow of Beans.


Now this is not an “art” project but a really fun activity! Rainbow colored pasta! Kids love to play with this pasta in bright colors. Feeling it slip through their fingers and mixing it all up 🙂 my entire post on it can be found here: Colored Pasta Sensory.

Well thanks for stopping by! I hope you have enjoyed this week’s rainbow ideas 🙂



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