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Cloud Dough

Today was a rainy day, and on top of that I’ve been feeling sick lately. This equals stir crazy kids in our house! I was trying to come up with something for them to do so I could just rest while watching them yet give them a fun project to enjoy. So I threw together two things as an experiment in sensory play and found… Cloud Dough! The softest sensory dough I’ve ever made with quirky properties that made it really fun to play with 🙂

The two ingredients? Hair conditioner and cornstarch!


I used about 2 parts conditioner to every 3 parts cornstarch. I just kept mixing until I was kneading the softest smoothest dough! I used food coloring to make 1/3 of the dough light blue and 1/3 of the dough a gray blue color. I went with rainy sky colors for the kids since it was our rainy day activity.


I called it cloud dough because of the texture and rainy day sky colors. I love the way it stretched when pulled slowly….






Then when pulled apart quickly it tore in a straight clean line like it was sliced with a knife!




OK, so maybe Eric and I played with this a little before letting the kids have it…. :). Seriously fun sensory experience! I love how soft my hands felt afterwards also, and the smell was so good from the conditioner! Small disclaimer, do NOT let small ones play with this unattended. It is not edible dough, obviously due to the conditioner. I know my two year old loves to put things in his mouth. So I stayed within arms distance of him watching a he played in case he attempted to taste this soft dough I could stop him. My kids loved it, cloud dough and cookie cutters kept their attention for an HOUR! Yay for fun play!




It did really well but Noah’s did start to dry up and become a bit crumbly. I just added a squirt of conditioner and kneaded it. Ta-da! It was rehydrated and ready for more play! I am putting it in plastic zipper bags for storage. I know it will be requested tomorrow afternoon as well 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Cloud Dough”

  1. Found this on Pinterest. Tried it yesterday with a conditioner I’ve been wanting to get rid of….LOVE IT! It feels so much better than homemade play dough. Left our hands soft in stead of dried out. Thanks!

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