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Glow-in-the-Dark Fun Day

Today the kids and I used some small black lights we found in the Target dollar bins a few months ago to do some glow activities. We had so much fun I just had to share with my mommy friends!

These are the small blacklights I found in the dollar bin. They did take 3 AA batteries each but they were perfect for small hands to use for some glow in the dark play time 🙂



First thing we did (2 days ago) was disassemble some highlighters I got on clearance for .25 cents each. Then put the inside ink tube into water to soak overnight. I put four colors into four plastic cups of water. This made glow water! It is sensitive to blacklight.


Then I put one of the colors of glow water into a plastic tub.


The kids and I put some little grow water beads we got at our local dollar tree into the water overnight to absorb the glow water.


It worked great!


Then I got their sensory table ready for black lights. I laid out the plastic table cloth on the floor and then put two old wipes boxes down with the black lights between them.


Then I put the clear container we use as a sensory bin on top of the wipes boxes so the blacklight a shine up through it.


I poured in the glowing water beads and wanted to take a pic before the kids dug in so my 2 year old grabbed his magnifying glass to inspect and I thought it was adorable!


The beads glowed so much! It was really neat looking.


The kids had a blast playing with them and bouncing the water beads 🙂




Next I let them play with play dough made with glow water and their little black lights. This was a hit also! To make blacklight sensitive play dough just substitute glow water for plain water in your favorite homemade play dough recipe.



Then we used highlighters to color with while the blacklights were shining on their papers. The kids loved their glowing drawings!




Our glow day was a huge hit with my little ones. We made some really fun memories I will always cherish. I Hope I have inspired some other mommies with how simple it was 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


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