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Marshmallow Bits Container Repurpose

Last week I posted about some homemade hot chocolate in a jar gifts I was making for friends and family. Well I bought several jars of the marshmallow bits on sale and with coupons for these gifts. While going to throw away the empty containers I stopped and actually looked at them. After taking off the labels and washing them they were nice containers! Perfect size for a stack of homemade cookies 🙂

First I cleaned them and removed the labels.


Then I baked some of my irresistible homemade peanut butter cookies and stacked them inside.


I loved the cute clear jars for cookies! Next I used some round sticky notes I have, wrote a quick message on them, and then glued them to the top of the jars. I just used scrapbooking glue dots.


I tied a ribbon around it and this is a simple way to give a gift of cookies this year. The bottle keeps them from crushing and I don’t feel so wasteful throwing away the bottles I had left from the hot chocolate gifts 🙂



I will be posting my melt in your mouth peanut butter cookie recipe featured in today’s blog tomorrow so stop back by. Those are the best cookies I have ever made 🙂


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